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Performance and Reliability in Roof Cleaning

expert: /ˈɛkspəːt/ adjective.
having a lot of experience, knowledge or skill in a particular subject or business area.

Roof Cleaning Ltd

We are genuine roof cleaning specialists, and with over 40 years of experience in roof cleaning and maintenance, we are Experts.  Be confident and assured when your roof is cleaned with Bio-Shield you are getting the best available.

Buyer Beware

The roof cleaning industry has low barriers to entry, meaning that anyone can get a waterblaster and a website and call themselves an expert or specialist. With the lack of experience comes the claims and sales talk that may or may not be correct. It’s a very crowded market and we meet too many customers who paid to have thier roof cleaned and the result was not satisfactory.
Its not easy to choose the right product and contractor, but experience definitely counts and is a good place start.
Like any trade, it takes real time and exposure to all roof types and conditions, over decades to gain that genuine experience and produce consistent high quality work.

Not All Roofs Are Equal

Each roof type is different, being made from different materials, either natural or synthetic or a combination of both, and different manufacturing process and surface finishes.

Adding in the regional climate in your location, the micro climate around the roof, the style and layout of the roof, there are many factors to consider in choosing a roof cleaning process and brand that will work well on your roof.

Learn More About Your Roof

The roof over your home or building is a crtical part of the building envelope that keeps water out of the building interior, yet its usually the last to get maintained. 
Listed below are the 5 major roof types in New Zealand. Click on the one that looks or sounds like your roof. Here you will find about how Bio-Shield works to clean your specific roof type. There are also answers to the frequently asked questions we get from our customers about roof cleaning, roof treatments and roof waterblasting