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Cleaning Monier Concrete Tile Roofs


As modern concrete tile roofs age they will get a build up of black algae, lichens and moss growths that discolor the tiles.  This is more noticeable on lighter colored tiles but is present on all concrete tile roofs

The new flexible pointing mortars are a massive improvement over the old pigment  pointing mortars.  These flexible mortars are similar in composition to regular paint so will get extensive build up of yellow and green lichens and moss that can seriously degrade the appearance and performance of the roof if left untreated.

The cement based color coating on concrete tiles is strongly bonded to the base tiles so will not flake or peel off but will suffer from surface erosion.  This erosion can be accelerated by algae and moss, leaving the roof with a patchy colored appearance as the base concrete is progressively exposed.

Roof tile manufacturers reccommend regular cleaning to remove algae, moss and lichens.
Cleaning will not only improve the appearance of the roof, it can extend the service life of the color coating, reducing the need to have the roof re-coated, which is expensive, not always successful and the roof will still need cleaning to protect the new coating.

It makes sense to maintain the original factory color coating in the most cost effective way

How to Clean and Maintain Concrete Roofs

A Monier roof should only be water blast cleaned as preparation for repainting, never to remove lichen, algae and moss growths. Water blast cleaning requires high pressure that will remove some of the cement based color coating and  may damage the mortar joints.

The best and safest method to clean and maintain a concrete tile roof is to treat the entire roof with Bio-Shield®.
Bio-Shield® will kill all lichens, moss and algal growths on the roof and then weather action will gently remove the dead growths in as little as 3 months.  Roofs with heavy growths may take up to 12 months to fully clean up.

To keep the roof clean and prevent damage Regular applications of Bio-Shield® every 2 to 3 years.

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Bio-Shield® - Specialist Concrete Tile Roof Cleaning

Roof Wash Ltd are genuine specialists in roof cleaning with over 34 years experience and more than 8500 roofs cleaned and treated with Bio-Shield.

We see many roofs that have not been treated properly, by 'specialists' and 'experts' including roofs that have been water blast cleaned.

The Bio-Shield application for concrete tiles is specialised for this type of roof to kill not only the lichens and also the more widespread and harder to kill black fungal growths.

This unique application will give the best result - a clean roof.

DIY Coloursteel Roof Cleaning with Jet-Stream® Applicator

To reduce cost you can clean your own roof with Jet-Stream® Applicator and Bio-Shield®.

We supply a 2.5L Jet-Stream® Applicator that connects to your garden hose, premixes the Bio-Shield concentrate and sprays it onto your roof.  Jet-Stream® gives a rapid application of the Bio-Shield solution -  this is less than 1/3 rd the cost of have the average Colorsteel roof professionally sprayed.
Jet-Stream® costs just $69 including FREE NZ wide delivery.

Jet-Stream® Applicator is designed to be reusable and refillable with the standard Bio-Shield 5L concentrate, priced at just 94c per diluted litre.
Compare this to Wet and Forget at $3.30 per diluted litre.

Jet-Stream® 2.5L will cover about 150m2 on a Monier tile roof with moderate lichen growths.


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Lichen and Moss on Monier Tile RoofCleaning Monier Roof with Bio-Shield

When applied to the roof Bio-Shield kills the growths.

Bio-Shield Moss Removal on a Monier Tile Roof

Jet-Stream  for Rapid Application of Bio-Shield

Jet-Stream® Bio-Shield® Applicator for rapid application and rapid kill of lichens and fungal growths on Colorsteel roofs



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