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Is Bio-Shield safe to use on my roof?

     Yes, Bio-Shield has been used commercially and safely for over 35 years and on more than 9000 roofs in New Zealand. 
     It is not acidic, not a bleach so won't cause any damage to the roof itself, skylights, vents,
     solar panels or other fittings and fixtures commonly found on roofs.

Can I still collect rain water from my roof once its been treated with Bio-Shield?

     Yes, Bio-Shield is safe to use on roofs that collect water.  The storage tank will need to be disconnected before application
     and can be reconnected after 2 to 4 weeks and at least one day of rain has flushed the roof clear of Bio-Shield residue.

     A diverter can be installed on the tank inlet pipe, on above ground tanks, to make reconnection and any future disconnections
     a 15 second task

 How long will my roof take to clean up after being treated with Bio-Shield?

     A general guideline for the clean up time after initial Bio-Shield application would be 3 months and up to 12 months if the
     growths are heavy and well established on the roof.
Modern concrete tiles in good condition will clean up fastest - in as little as 3 months while older concrete tile and Coloursteel  
     roofs with heavy black fungal growths will take up to 12 months.
     Other factors that affect clean up times is the pitch of the roof and how much rain falls on the roof once the dead growths  
     have begun to break down.
     A roof that has been previously cleaned with Bio-Shield and is having a 2 or 3 yearly maintenance treatment can clean up in a
     matter of weeks if the growths are light.

 How often should my roof be treated with Bio-Shield?

     Most roofs should be treated every 2 to 3 years to maintain them in a clean condition. 
     Regular treatments will help to preserve the factory
lied coating in good condition
     Roofs that have been recoated or resurfaced can stay clean for up to 4 years.
    The micro climate around a roof will have a large influence on timing between the maintenance treatments.

     If there are trees near the roof, the roof is steep pitched or birds habitually use the roof to rest or nest,
     2 yearly treatments may be required to keep the roof clean.

My roof was treated by another company and it did not clean up. What happened?

    Unfortunately some applications by companies that are not specialists in roof cleaning, for example house wash or handyman cleaners,
    are not being done correctly and leaving residual growths on the roofs.
    The remaining growths develop a resistance to further treatments and can be difficult to remove.
    The Bio-Shield treatment that will be applied to your roof is adjusted for the type of roof, the level of growth present
    and the weather conditions at the time of application.

    Roofs treated with Bio-Shield are guaranteed to clean up.




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