Roof Wash Ltd Company Information

Roof Wash Ltd - Company Information

In 1984 Roof Works was established to provide services to Auckland homeowners needing roof leak repairs and restoration for older roofs.  In 1985 Roof Works was awarded a license to apply the Roof Master resurfacing system, one of the original roof resurfacing systems  available in New Zealand.
The decision was made soon after to  focus on roof cleaning and restoration and Armourshield Roof Coatings Ltd was formed and the trade mark Armourshield® was registered and awarded.

It became apparent over the next 13 years that many of the roofs inspected for resurfacing had been damaged through  lack of maintenance and simple cleaning treatments so in 1999 Roof Wash Ltd was established  to provide competitive pricing and excellent service within the roof cleaning sector of the roofing industry using the Bio-Shield®Treatment  System.
Bio-Shield® was registered as a trade mark and awarded in October 1999.

Roof Wash Ltd - Mission Statement
Application of Bio-Shield® to roofs at competitive prices to kill and remove moss, lichen and fungal growth to preserve and maintain the factory applied protective coatings and extend the service life of roofs reducing the need to resurface or replace damaged roofs. 

Contact Information

Roof Wash Ltd
4a Morrin Street
Auckland 1051

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phone - 0800 800 127


             06ANDY 1-842

Andrew van Lier. BCom

Managing Director
Roof Wash Ltd and Bio-Shield Ltd.

Andrew lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his 2 teenage children.
He has over 34 years experience in the application of protective coatings, surface cleaning and preparation, and treatments for the removal of moss, mould and lichen.
Hobbies and interests include martial arts, cycling, music, animal welfare and spending time with, and cooking for friends and family.

Roof Wash Ltd Membership Certificate for Roofing Association
of New Zealand

 Bio-Shield® Trade Mark Registration

Bio- Shield Trade Mark Certificate

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