Roof Wash Ltd.  Bio-Shield Roof Cleaning - Warranty Statement

Roof Wash Ltd  -  Warranty Statement


Roof Wash Ltd will guarantee the effectiveness of the Bio-Shield treatment to kill and remove moss, fungal and lichen growths from the treated roof for 12 months from the application date.

If Bio-Shield® is applied as recommended every 2 years to maintain the roof in a clean condition, Roof Wash Ltd will guarantee that the roof will stay clean for the 2 years following the treatment.


Exclusions of this warranty are;

  • South facing areas of the roof that are pitched at over 40 degrees

  • Where trees overhang or shade the roof.

  • Where downpipes discharge water onto the roof.

  • Where birds habitually sit.

These areas may show regrowth within the warranty period. If these conditions exist on the roof it would be advisable to treat the affected sections as required to prevent damage.

Reapply Bio-Shield® every 2 to 3 years or at the first sign of regrowth to keep the roof clean and protected.

Reapply Bio-ShieldŽ every 2 to 3 years or at the first sign of new moss, fungal and  lichen growth to keep the roof clean and protected


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